Inspirations and aspirations

I’d hate to misrepresent myself on this blog. To be clear, I’ve been working in the medical communications/education industry for nine years – which is (just about) enough time to understand the industry, the challenges those in the industry face, and the pitfalls/opportunities a brand may encounter.

I also have an eclectic mix of experience in terms of disciplines, ranging from print creative, editorial, client services and now digital (I’ve been in my digital-specific role for exactly three months and one week).

What am I getting at here? although I have delivered many digital tactics throughout my career, I can categorically say that I have learned more about the digital space in those three months than the rest of the eight years and seven months put together.

Much of this has been through the support systems at my workplace (we have a great digital strategist in our Group who I go to for advice and chat to every week), but other than my own passion and drive for all things digital, mobile and social, I have found that there is a brilliant community of experts out in internetland who are leading the field. These people very much inspire me to lofty aspirations – to grow as a digital specialist, to try my damnedest in the search for innovation, engagement and, most importantly, to understand the digital space, how it works, how we manoeuvre in it and how it can reap rewards on so many levels for all stakeholders in this industry: patients, healthcare providers, pharma companies, medical societies, charities, health authorities, agencies and individuals.

So thank you to all those who share their knowledge, advice and opinions. I’d like to list out here some of these people, many of whose blogs I have been an avid reader for a long while:

Jonathan Richman (@jonmrichman) – Dose of Digital (and thanks Jonathan for pointing me towards a reference for some stats I was having trouble backing up)
John Mack (@pharmaguy) – Pharma Marketing Blog
Wendy Blackburn (@WendyBlackburn) – epharma Rx
Andrew Spong (@andrewspong) – STweM
Schwen Gwee (@schwen) – (glad to see you updating the blog again!)
Plus many, many others!

2 thoughts on “Inspirations and aspirations

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Paul. I feel the same way when it comes to reading and learning from others — this “Interwebz and Social Media stuff” is such a vast ocean of knowledge to consume.

    I am thankful every day there are great people to learn from. I’ve found it to be a very welcoming community. And I’m honored that if any small way I have at the same time contributed knowledge to others like you.

    BTW – while I’ve been doing digital pharma for 7 years (almost to the day), I STILL learn something new every day! That’s why I love it so much. Cheers and welcome to the blogosphere!

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