DigiPharm Europe 2010 Pt 2

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Here I continue the commentary on the discussions surrounding topics from DigiPharm Europe 2010. We left off around halfway through Kai Gait’s presentation on business organisation for a digital future in Part 1, which can be found here. Gait says that fear of losing control is a real inhibitor with respect to social media in some organisations and that Pharma must invest in buy-in internally from all stakeholders. This is a theme that actually repeats a number of times throughout the conference, and one that I personally think is key to a successful implementation of any tactic in the social media space.

Gait lists five steps to drive digital internally:

  • Be helpful
  • Be present (or available for questions)
  • Be social – in real life! (are we losing social skills because of social media?)
  • Share the love – make it about them and their brand
  • Pay it forward – show value

There is some discussion about this, questions about whether the meaning of ‘social’ has changed, and whether the 5 steps are really principles rather than a plan. I think they are ideals to work towards within our current reality.

He says something that resonates with the audience: ‘People aren’t afraid of change, they are afraid of being changed‘ and describes three ‘lightbulb’ moments: 1) chose a positive theme; 2) simplify complex and challenging theories; 3) share awe-inspiring stories. Gait also mentions six drivers of influence: reciprocation; consistency; social proof; liking; authority; scarcity. On Twitter, Paul Grant points us towards The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert B. Cianaldi

Further discussion focused on the global nature of digital – Pharma must look at engagement at this level and try to solve the regulatory issues with a global mechanism of sharing information. This is another theme that rears its head several times during the conference. Daniel Ghinn points us towards his call for international debate about this issue.

That’s it from the first presentation. I wanted to cover that in details as it is an important topic of discussion. In the next post, I’ll start with Mark Prince with his presentation: Paper – scissors – digital! (integration of online and offline strategy).

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