Bragging = Optional

I’d like you to think about those LinkedIn posts that talk about how fantastic a company is doing and how successful they are. You know, the ones that celebrate some success or milestone?

My feed is filled with them. I reckon it’s 90% of non-recruitment-based posts and articles on the platform.

Now think about those “update meetings” that happen in companies, teams or between partners? What do you find in common with these two seemingly unrelated activities?

Sharing is caring?

I think you get it! The posts on LinkedIn, and similarly the things being said in these update meetings are both a form of marketing and positive reinforcement; one external and one internal.

We all like to celebrate ourselves, but meaningful sharing and dialogue is more important to achieve success

Get to the learnings

I’d very much like to see more balanced sharing, both in public fora and in our corporate update meetings. In fact, understanding the problems we are facing and seeking ways to overcome these (and making sure these problems really are the ones we need to take right now) is important to move business and products forward.

So, by all means, brag! But educate and seek to learn as well – this is the way Process Innovation and Openness Innovation work.

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