Q: How hard is it to be open?

A: Very.

I was ruminating this week on what it takes to get into the habit of being open in business. In the past, I have found it hard to balance trust with ensuring an advantage for my product. This lead to a dive into innovation, 50% of which is around openness.

Here’s a recap on Openness Innovation

  1. Try and fail, try to fail
  2. Be open to external input
  3. Expect to pivot at least once early on
  4. Don’t deem to know everything
  5. Collaborate, even with competitors and especially with detractors

But how can you do this when everyone is trying to get the upper hand in business, or at the very least to avoid being left behind? I’m genuinely interested in how businesses handle issues of trust in order to create the best product or service possible.

Trust is the biggest barrier to innovation when you are trying to get to something that goes past the same ideas that everyone is having

Point number 5: Collaboration is the key here

If trust is the issue, how can you then collaborate with people or companies you don’t trust? One answer is to try to open an honest dialogue to see if you can do a no-risk proof-of-concept (with a tight agreement in place, of course). Be honest and open in your dealings, and if you think you are being taken advantage of, cut the string and try someone else.

I happen to believe that if the partnership is to work, there must be openness and with openness, you can concentrate on doing amazing things.

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