Scaling up? Write a creative brief

We talk a lot about how the model of ad agencies is broken. Martech is commoditising operations once owned by agencies. The retainer model is practically obsolete, with agencies trying to keep up with profit sharing and IP-based models, to name just a few. The big consultancies are biting shamelessly at their once-unique propositions. The […]

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Q: How hard is it to be open?

A: Very. I was ruminating this week on what it takes to get into the habit of being open in business. In the past, I have found it hard to balance trust with ensuring an advantage for my product. This lead to a dive into innovation, 50% of which is around openness. Here’s a recap […]

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a Post-IE6 world

As with many large corporate entities, pharma companies rely on their IT infrastructure to keep them in business and it can be a mammoth task to plan an upgrade route for hardware (desktops, laptops, servers etc) as well as software. With this in mind, I expect that if you work in a pharma company, you […]

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Heads up: I’ve written a post for #HCSMGLOBAL on the global information and communications technology (ICT) gap. #HCSMGLOBAL is the grass roots umbrella organization for regional #HCSM chapters who meet, discuss and influence the healthcare conversation on the social web. If you are connected with healthcare in any way (be it professionally, or maybe as […]